Conferences & Publications

MLAS students are strongly encouraged to participate in professional academic conferences both to fulfill the University’s degree requirement of “Oral Competency,” and to experience the intellectual growth such activities provide. Similarly, we encourage students to participate in community-related activities and Study Abroad opportunities related to their academic program.

Opportunities open to MLAS students will be posted here. If you know of such an opportunity to advertise here, please email the office.

MLAS Capstone Project Presentations

Each year, students present their Capstone Projects in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences. See previous capstone projects on our Capstone page under Courses & Requirements.

The AGLSP Annual Conference

Each year, the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Program (AGLSP) organizes a conference in locations around the country, allowing students to present their Liberal Studies-based graduate work centered around a particular theme. Visit their website for details.