MLAS Themes & Topics

UNC Asheville’s Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences degree focuses on the theme “The Human Condition.” The program of study explores human nature, human values and the quality of human life. The theme integrates studies ranging from the humanities and the arts to the natural and social sciences, allowing students to focus on issues of importance in contemporary culture and to build individualized, interdisciplinary curriculum. Throughout, the MLAS Program fosters critical thinking, creativity and effective communication.

The MLAS Program offers seminars in the following focus areas:

  • Environmental and Cultural Sustainability
  • Climate Change & Society
  • Globalization Past & Present
  • Humanities & Creative Writing
  • Science & Human Values

Seminar topics change each semester.

The program also offers two post-baccalaureate certificates for working professionals and students interested in the fields of Climate and Sustainability: Environmental and Cultural Sustainability and Climate Change & Society.

The requirements to earn the MLAS degree include successfully completing 10 courses (30 credit hours) comprised of 8 seminar courses (24 credit hours) and the capstone project seminar (2 courses, 6 credit hours).

We strongly recommend that, if at all possible, students participate in professional academic conferences both to fulfill the university’s degree requirement of “Oral Competency” and to experience the intellectual growth such activities provide. Similarly, we encourage students to participate in community-related activities and Study Abroad opportunities related to their academic program.

Read more regarding the MLAS Program’s academic procedures in the MLAS Student Handbook.