May 2017 LEAF Flash Fiction Winning Entries

Flash Fiction Winners

First Place

By: Mark Fogas

… and so began the darkness. You see, as Maggie awakened it was not only her eyes that opened but her heart, and her ears, and her spirit to the dawn of what was not yet known. So she walked wholeheartedly into the fullness of the day, the living, the loving, the meeting and the leaving for 12 hours until with weariness, her eyes slowly closed with a smile on her face as she knew tomorrow would bring another beginning…and so began the darkness.

Second Place

By: F. Wollard

So when my dad was nearing the end, we all gathered close to soak up all of what he knew before it was too late. People called, people came. After all he was that kind of man, the kind people came to see. He called me over and told me this, “Marsha, you need to celebrate every good occasion, because surely you will be present for every passing.” Taking this advice very seriously, I pass it on to everyone I meet. So here we are at the LEAF.

Third Place

By: Jack Cook

I am a boy standing among men. I am a child among adults. I look into the waters of Lake Eden and see the face of an old man, his skin wrinkled as the clothes on his back. The music across the lake creates ripples softening the lines of his face, yet do not press the wrinkles clean. Perhaps only an ending can do that.