May 2017 LEAF Sustainable Asheville Winning Entries

First Place

By Sonia Miller:

A fountain downtown that responds to city water usage—the better the city is at conserving water, the higher the fountain flows.
(For bonus value, add lights that respond to city energy usage—different colors for good energy usage.)

Second Place Tie

By Lois Jolly:

Close select streets off to vehicular traffic.
Use electric buses to carry pedestrians in the rest of downtown.

By Megan Riley

Carless streets and no drive days—the more the better!

Third Place Tie

By Lilian Rule:

Start a community garden. People can start with growing plants that grow at different times of year, then the produce can be given to homeless people or people in need. They can also be sold and the money can be given to homeless people and people in need.

By Kalei Rule:

• Community gardens/compost
• Gyrocycle in gyms to create electricity
• Solar powered street lamps
• Food scraps for compost or food bank
• Recycle!!

By Christine Merrick:

Make recycling free; charge by the bag for garbage. Also pick up compost to use for community gardens. Citywide composting picked up on a schedule, especially schools and businesses.