MLAS Student Handbook

The MLAS Student Handbook highlights university and program policies and procedures for students in the Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences Program. It is an addendum to the university’s Student Handbook. Download the MLAS Student Handbook (PDF), or pick up a copy from the MLAS Program Office in 109 Zageir Hall.

Academic Integrity

As a community of scholars dedicated to learning and the pursuit of knowledge, UNC Asheville relies on the honesty and academic integrity of all the members of its community. Any act of plagiarism or cheating is academic dishonesty. A person who knowingly assists another in cheating is likewise guilty of cheating. According to the instructor’s view of the gravity of the offense, a student may be punished by a failing grade or a grade of zero for the assignment or test, or a failing grade in the course. If it seems warranted, the instructor may also recommend to the Provost dismissal or other serious university sanction. Any questions regarding academic integrity or procedures should be referred to the MLAS Director.