MLAS 520.001 - Seminar on the Human Experience: Introduction to Linguistics & History of English Language

CRN 30102
Instructor: Peg Downes, Ph.D., Director, MLAS Program
Summer Term I (June 7 – July 2), Monday through Thursday 10:15am-12:35pm; 3 graduate credit hours

Study of the roots and development of the English language from its earliest stages in 5th century Britain to the present state of English in the U.S. and as a global phenomenon. Introductory survey of several topics in linguistics, including phonology and morphology, syntax and semantics, language acquisition, language communities, animal communication systems.


MLAS 520.002 - Seminar on the Human Experience: Fiction Writing Workshop

CRN 30124
Instructor: Cynn Chadwick, MFA, UNC Asheville Department of Literature and Language
Summer Term I (June 7 – July 2) Monday through Thursday, 3:45pm-6:05pm; 3 graduate credit hours

This course will focus on the craft of writing fiction. Students will gain knowledge of craft terminology and execution of technique as outlined for this class. Students should have a desire and discipline to commit to reading, writing, and extensively revising their own and the work of others. It is in the crafting and revising of any piece of fiction that takes it from a “clever” idea to a viable story. In this workshop, the writer will gain an understanding of three inherent qualities to good short story-writing found and expanded upon in our text. We will attempt to achieve these qualities in our stories this semester, and will follow the standard short-story structure: Conflict, Crisis, and Resolution as described in Burroway:

1) Only Trouble is interesting in Fiction

2) Characters MUST have desire

3) Beginnning with Conflict leading to the moment of Crisis which precedes falling action (the dénouement), which leaves us with a satisfying resolution will be the structure we will attempt to replicate in our stories.

MLAS 520.003 - Seminar on the Human Experience: Seminar on Cormac McCarthy

CRN 30128
Instructor: Blake Hobby, Ph.D., Director of UNC Asheville's Honors Program
Summer Term III (June 7 – August 2) Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30pm-8:50pm; 3 graduate credit hours

Seminar on a major author: Cormac McCarthy. Cross-listed with an undergraduate Literature seminar.


MLAS 540.EZ1 – Seminar on the Individual and Society: Mind-Body Processes

CRN 30136
Instructor: Steve Houseworth, Ph. D.
Summer Term III (June 8-July 29), Tuesday & Thursday, 2:00pm-4:20pm; 3 graduate credit hours

**This course is offered through UNC Asheville Distance Education at the Kellogg Center in Hendersonville**

In what ways do thoughts, feelings, motives and behaviors influence health?

How have theories about these relationships evolved?

What evidence is being studied? And which treatments and preventive techniques advance our understanding?

This seminar will promote some answers - and generate more refined questions - about mind-body processes.